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Take “The Time for a Break” in our establishment for lunch or dinner.

Our restaurant, “Le Temps d'une Pause” (Time for a Break), offers appetiser and dessert buffets, as well as various fixed-price meals:

Lunch/dinner meals from 9 €

  • We can offer solutions for group meals, study days and your holiday meals
  • We have 2 dining rooms, one of which is a veranda (up to 80 people)
  • We are open:from Monday to Friday, from noon to 2pm and 7pm to 9:30pm

For weekend hours, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Dish of the day : 9€
  • Le Temps d'une pause : 13,50€ - Dish of the day+ Café gourmand (coffee with a selection of cakes)
  • Promenade : 12€ - Appetiser + dessert Buffets
  • Généreuse : 13€ - Dish of the day + dessert Buffet
  • Regal : 12,50€ - Appetiser Buffet + Dish of the day
  • Gourmet: 16€ - Appetiser Buffet + Dish of the day + dessert Buffet
  • A la carte dishes + fixed-price meals
  • Limousine “ Label blason prestige ” meat + limousine meat Package
  • The limousine Potence (see photo below) : 18€/person

La Potence (env. 250 gr de viande/pers.)
Le support de métal en forme d'instrument de supplice accueille une viande de bœuf savoureuse du Limousin, label “Blason prestige”.

Flambée au cognac devant vous et qui continue de cuire au contact brûlant de l'acier.

Accompagnée de sauces et de pommes de terre boulangères.

Welcome to the "Le Temps d'une Pause" restaurant

The Hôtel du Parc at Limoges in Haute-Vienne (87) is ideally located in the North Industrial Zone, near the lake of Uzurat, between Jardiland and the bowling alley, 10 minutes from the town centre and the airport, 2 minutes from the Zénith de Limoges, the Ester Technopole and the Exhibition and Sports Centres, in a quiet and wooded area.

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